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Hit your next level... we'll work together to make your fitness dreams come true and have a hell of a good time in the process!

Every move personalised

Why Studio Pilates?

Studio Pilates is practiced on the Reformer machine & Wunda Chair which is tailored to your fitness level so you can build up strength and flexibility.

We'll plan and work together to reach your goals whether it is to tone your body; to challenge you into the next series of Pilates exercises or to work safely pre or post birth or with a back pain or any injuries.

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Is it for me?

Studio sessions are for everyone! With my Physiotherapy background whether you are at your peak or have specific needs  I will make sure that you'll have the right exercise, move and adaptations for each stage that you are going through.

The Studio



My  home studio is on W129ED, near Wendell Park, London.

 ( The full address will be sent with your confirmation email so keep an eye out!).

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri (except Thu): 9:30am - 2:45pm
​​Saturday & Sunday: Closed


What to bring 

  • You will get hot so wear comfortable clothes and no need for nothing fancy....."mi casa es su casa!"

  • Please wear grippy socks.

  • Water & towels are provided but you are very welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Prices & Plans

Sessions can be purchased as drop ins or monthly subscriptions.

Drop in

One to one session
Drop in: 1:1 session


per class

Two in one session
Drop in: 2:1 session


per class

Monthly Subscription

Best value, Pause or Cancel anytime

  • 1:1 (once/week)

    Every month
    £53 per class
  • 1:1 (twice/week)

    Every month
    £53 per class
One to One sessions



per class

per class

£238.50 every month

£477 every month

Two in one sessions
  • 2:1 (once/week)

    Every month
    £75 per class
  • 2:1 (twice/week)

    Every month
    £75 per class



per class

per class

£337.50 every month

£675 every month

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